Perishable Products Logistic

Logistics has become one of the most important factors for the Perishable products sector.

As these products undergo a natural degradation in their biological, chemical and physical characteristics, environmental conditions and temperature in the supply chain, it is crucial.


The most common perishable products are: vegetables, fruits, meats and their derivatives, fish and seafood, dairy products, processed foods, fresh flowers, some pharmaceuticals.


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– Shipment Solutions of Perishables


At Shalom Logistics we offer logistics solutions, adapted to the food chain.

Our land service in sending frozen samples has highly competitive prices.

We guarantee the shipment of frozen goods


We have qualified and certified staff for the handling of frozen shipments. We guarantee that shipments of frozen goods will arrive at the destination in optimal condition, the ideal for this type of merchandise.


Land shipment of perishables

We collect your goods for export. We schedule the gathering in your company or warehouse, in 24 hrs.


We make shipments of your frozen cargo to border customs, whether to enter the United States, Central America or any international destination.

Customs Brokerage


In our customs office, we carry out all the customs procedures for exporting your samples at any customs office in Mexico. We are Customs brokers, we have very competitive prices.


Air Shipment of Frozen goods


Send your frozen samples to the best price anywhere in the world. For Shalom Logistics we are interested in being an ally for your business to grow and get more international clients. At Shalom Logistics we break the barrier of the type of merchandise and we offer the same prices to frozen shipments as to general merchandise.


Maritime Shipment of perishables


The maritime transport of perishable products is carried out with refrigerated vessels or with refrigerated containers (reefer). Almost 80% of the merchandise movements of the commerce of the whole world is made by means of the international maritime transport.

Life of fresh products depends crucially on the proper care of the cargo.

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– Perishable temperature controlled storage


We offer our customers freezing and industrial refrigeration warehouses, with controlled temperatures, that allow keeping your perishable products in optimal conditions. Our warehouses are located in various parts of the country, and have the necessary conditions (temperature, humidity) for your products.

  • Quick Freeze (tunnels with temperatures up to -40°C)
  • Conservation (temperatures from -18°C to -25°C)
  • Dry storage

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– Perishable products you can carry

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  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Processed foods
  • Fish and seafood
  • Fresh flowers
  • Meats
  • Dairy
  • Juices
  • Pharmaceutical

Transporte de cargas congeladas

Cold Chain for preserve


The Cold Chain is the key so that perishable products such as food or those belonging to the pharmaceutical industry reach their destination in optimal conditions.

Depending on how long a merchandise needs to be stored, Refrigeration (weeks), or Freezing (months) will be used.


Not all perishables need the same treatment to reach the final consumer in the best conditions (it is necessary to take into account the time of maturation, or life,) therefore, it is of crucial importance, to know the temperature needs of each product for their proper transportation.

The cold chain must guarantee the quality and safety of the product, from its storage to its final destination.

For this, the operations and processes must apply the following standards and standardized requirements, to guarantee the quality of the final product:

  • CCQI (Cold Chain Quality Indicators) standard. The Cold Chain Quality Indicators Standard defines the requirements that must be met to handle perishable products.
    • IARW (International Association of Refrigerated Warehouses). This Association promotes the excellence in the storage and logistics of controlled temperatures, worldwide.

–Requirements for import or export perishable goods

Steps for the Import of Perishable products:

  • Authorization request for the import of perishable merchandise.
  • Review of certifications and licenses.
  • Estimated arrival date notification (to schedule a possible inspection).
  • Import Formalities in Customs.
  • In regards of logistic: cargo analysis, to determine the most appropriate transport for the merchandise, en route transit time, suitable packaging, transportation modalities that maintain the cold chain.


Steps for the Export of Perishable products:

  • Review by the competent authorities, in relation to the merchandise you wish to export is allowed in the country of destination.
  • Review of the necessary documents and certificates which is required in the country of destination.
  • Analysis of transport options, shipping, route (airline or shipping line) to choose the most optimal option for your goods,
  • Procedures of Export in Customs.

Remember that we are experts in International Logistics of Perishables. We offer you all the possible solutions for the shipment of frozen samples for an international destination.

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