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Servicio de Trade Company Service of imported goods


At Shalom Logistics, we also offer our Trade Company Service, which facilitates the global exchange of products, and adds value to both the production chain and the business logistics chain. We are professionals with multidisciplinary training; our experience and knowledge allow us to offer a global service of assistance and management in all your operations.


At Shalom Trade Company, we are registered in the General Register of Importers, so we can import your products without any problem, so you don’t have to carry out any complex procedure, and avoid worrying about anything, nor notifications nor possible later fines.


The key to imports is the knowledge of Customs, as they are essential to move goods inside and outside their country.


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Trust us; we will guide you in the right way, so that your goods reach the desired destination, in the time indicated, under the agreed terms.


The strengths of our commercial system success will give you three following benefits:
⦁ Avoid documentation and procedures for your imports.
⦁ The non-requirement of expensive and specialized infrastructure for import and/or export products
⦁ You will have an expert group in import and export matter

What information we require to start a project?
⦁ Importer Data (Tel/Contact/Email)
⦁ Merchandise Description with Tariff Classification (HS code given by the provider)
⦁ Invoice Value

What is the next step?
An economical proposal is sent with the following descriptions:
⦁ Marketing services fees
⦁ Import Taxes
⦁ Transport costs if required, depending on the trading term (Icoterm)
⦁ Customs costs
⦁ Customs Broker Fees
⦁ Merchandise Insurance
⦁ Permits and procedures if required
⦁ Other logistic services




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