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At Shalom Logistics, we understand the package must be appropriate depending on the nature of your merchandise. A correct package must protect the charge of physical and/or environmental risks, in addition allowing its maneuverability, in other words, merchandise can be moved, stacked, raised, etc.

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We make the packing of your merchandise, to your measure.

      • We offer wood packing and pallets, both for national and export (complying International Standards ISPM-15 and National Standard NOM 144)
      • We have the authorization of Semarnat to certify pallets and export packings (Seal of Phytosanitary Certificate)
      • Phytosanitary Treatment HT (thermal)
      • We handle standard and special measures.
      • We design pallets according to the particular needs of your merchandise and insurance, both for the staff and for the merchandise.
      • Computerized pallet design (PDS)
      • Detailed specifications and design plans, front view, side, top and bottom of the pallet.
      • Filling package and protection.Cardboard Boxes, Containers, Mail Boxes





Contact us and let us know your packing needs.


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