Notice of Privacy

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According to the provisions of the Federal Law on the Protection of Personal Data held by individuals, Shalom Logistics S.A. DE C.V., domiciled at Av. López Mateos num. 32 Col. Garden Santa Monica Valley, Tlalnepantla Edo of Mexico. CP 54050 and as responsible for the processing of your personal data; makes you aware that the information of our customers and providers, is treated strictly confidential.

Personal Data Protection

Shalom Logistics will keep strict protection mechanisms to guarantee the safety, integrity privacy and confidentiality of the collected information.

Personal Data Treatment

Your personal data will only be treated for evaluation as a possible customer, and subsequently for the operation and registration of the services that you have contracted with us, to offer you, when applicable, other logistical services that Shalom Logistics considers to be of your interest, as well as to evaluate the quality of the provided service. Shalom Logistics, must treat your personal data, in order to comply with the applicable legal provisions regarding the prevention and detection of acts, omissions or operations that could favor, assist, assist or cooperate of any kind for the commission of the crimes foreseen in the Articles 139 or 148 Bis of the Federal Penal Code or that could be placed in the assumptions of article 400 bis of the same Code. Personal Data for the indicated purposes in this Privacy Notice, we may collect your personal data when you provide it directly to us through our executives and through other sources that are allowed by law.

We will treat the following personal data: Full name, address, date and place of birth, occupation, profession, activity or line of business, telephone, email, C.U.R.P., R.F.C., commercial and personal references, copy of an official identification, as well as the name of people who can sign the contract and celebrate and confirm operations. Personal Data of Sensitive, Financial and Patrimonial for the purposes of this Privacy Notice, Financial and Equity Data, such as those relating to its financial statements, income, debts, constituent minutes and documentation of property and actions will be treated. For the treatment of these Personal and Financial Personal Data, we require your express consent, in accordance with article 8 of the Federal Law on the Protection of Personal Data held by Individuals, for which we request, indicate whether or not you consent to the Treatment the same.

____I agree, ____I do not consent, that my Personal Financial and Property Data are treated in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Privacy Notice. ______________________________________________

Name, signature of the holder or legal representative and date.

ARCO Rights Exercise (access, rectification, cancellation or opposition)

You have the right to access, rectify, cancel, oppose and revoke the consent given for the processing of your personal data.

• Access:

You can choose the way to communicate with us either by telephone or by direct writing to any of our offices, whose information can be found at to find out if the company has your personal data.

• Rectification:

You may request the correction of any of your data; in case we have any we have any erroneously registered.

• Cancellation:

You may request that we cancel o remove your data as long as there is a cause that justifies such action and has no pending obligation to cover the company.

• Opposition:

In the event that you have no relationship or legal obligation with us and decide not to contract any of our services, you may make use of this right, not sharing any information. The mechanism for the exercise of these rights is through filling out the request that will be given to us at: our Personal Data Committee located at Av. Lopez Mateos num. 32 Col. Garden Santa Monica Valley, Tlalnepantla Edo. From Mexico Cp 54050

Your request must be accompanied by official documents (voter´s credential, passport or professional ID) that proves the identity, where appropriated, of the legal representative; email or telephone to communicate the answer to their request. Also it shall contain a clear and accurate description of the personal data in respect of which it is sought to exercise any of the mentioned rights, and any element that facilitates the location of personal data. In a maximum period of 20 working days, we will inform you about the origin of you request to the mean indicated. For more information, please contact the Personal Data Committee at the email address:

Transfer of Personal Data we are committed to not transfer your personal information to third parties without your consent, except for exceptions provided for in article 37 of the Federal Law of Protection of Personal Data held by individuals and accomplishing with other applicable laws, as well as to carry out this transfer in the terms that the laws demand.

Notice of Privacy Changes

We reserve the right to perform anytime modifications or updates to this Notice of Privacy for the attention of new legislations or case laws, internal policies, new requirements for the provision or offering of our services and market practices. These modifications will be available through our Personal Data Committee located at the address above, and can also be viewed on the following website:

The date of the last update to this Privacy Notice: 01 / January /2016.