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Merchandise insurance in air, maritime and land transport

Merchandise insurance in national and international tax warehouses.

Wide coverage insurance.

General Average Insurance.

Refrigerated merchandise Insurance.

Small and large claims insurance.


Insurance companies supporting us

Ace, Aig, Mapfre, Gnp, Zurich, Axa, Gmx, Seguros Atlas, Rsa, El Potosi, Afirme, Qualitas, Metlife, Ana de seguros, General de Seguros.

Civil Liability Insurance

We have our insurance to cover contingencies which appears by a badly designed operation.

Type of contracting: it can be made by shipping or annual. The attention will be immediate in occurred accidents anywhere in the world.

The coverage for land and air transportation begins at the time the vehicle or aircraft loaded with the goods begins transit and continues during the normal course of travel. It ends either with the delivery of the goods to the consignee, with the delivery of the goods in any place other than the ordinary course of travel that the insured decides to use for storage, assignment, distribution, dispatch, redirection or 48 hours of business days thereafter of the arrival of the goods to the place of destination, whichever occurs first.



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Land Transport Insurance
Within this modality of land transport insurance, coverage begins at the time when the transportation enters into circulation and travels from a place stipulated in the policy.

Air Transport Insurance
It is the transport insurance within the aircraft, against accidents, failure to deliver the entire merchandise. This one includes all-risk coverage.
This insurance comes into effect from the moment the goods or merchandise is in charge of the porters for its transportation, continues during the normal course of their journey and ends with the discharge of the same on the docks in the port of destination or from the seller’s deposit, except for a different purchase method.

Maritime Transport Insurance
Within this modality there are several steps to follow such as maneuvers in terminals, loading and unloading; which can suffer from falling hooks, rainwater dips, sea water, poor stowage, lack of proper packaging, fires, contact with contaminated goods and gross breakdowns
Merchandise of this type in maritime transport insurance can come in different presentations such as: solids, liquids, flammables, corrosives, boxes, pallets, cardboard boxes, among others.

Additional Risks:

Consult your service executive for the additional services we can offer, such as for spills, breakage, oxidation, breakage of containers, riots, marches, loading and unloading maneuvers, total and partial thefts.

Added Value

⦁ Wide protection for the transport of merchandise worldwide and land, sea, air and multimodal means of transport.
Service for prevention of risks in transportation
⦁ Trust in the translation
⦁ Choose the type of policy, suitable to the needs.

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