Refrigerated Transport

Refrigerated Transport Solutions for sensitive-temperature cargo.

At Shalom Logistics we offer all our experience and professional care for all temperature sensitive products. Our solutions in refrigerated, ensure the good conditions of the load, so that they arrive at destination, even to the most distant markets, in optimal conditions.

Refrigerated containers, also known as Reefer Containers are needed to transport temperature controlled goods like perishable products, foods that need to be kept refrigerated: meats, fruits, vegetables, pharmaceutics and chemicals, dairy products, etc.

Life cycle of fresh products is crucially dependent on the load correct care.

At Shalom Logistics we understand that importance and we want the best solutions for our clients.

Reefer Containers

Reefer Containers are designed for cargo transportation requiring controlled temperatures in transit. Example: meat, fish, fruits, etc. Most Reefer containers allow setting a fixed temperature within the range of -25 ° C to + 25 ° C, but in case of lower temperatures or other conditions required, there are also Super Coolers, with Controlled Atmosphere or Ventilated.


The dimensions and capacity of the Reefer container may vary depending on the container manufacturer, but the most representative specifications are:


– 20’RF: 5,5 X 2,2 X 2,2 / 28 m3
– 40’RF: 11,6 x 2,2 X 2,2 / 59m3
– 40’HRF: 5,5 x 2,2 x 2,5 / 28 m3


Maritime Transport in Reefer Container

Maritime transport becomes a viable alternative to air transport.

Almost 80% of goods movements from trade around the world are made by international maritime transport.



ExtraFresh technology is designed to preserve the transportation environment for fruits and vegetables.
This system takes advantage of the natural breathing process of the fruits and vegetables, maintaining the quality of the products, delaying the ripening process, thus extending its useful life.

ExtraFresh refrigerated containers are equipped with an automatic fresh air ventilation system, Oxygen (O²) and Carbon Dioxide (CO²) sensors.

This controlled atmosphere technology provides the ideal transport conditions for this type of products.


Refrigerated AFAM + and eAutofresh

By means of fresh air vents, AFAM + (Advanced Fresh Air Management) and eAutofresh regulate the levels of carbon dioxide and oxygen within the transport unit, adjusting the atmosphere. This technology, with CO2 sensor, creates the necessary controlled atmosphere, also of the natural process of breathing of vegetables and fruits, so no gas injections are needed.


Refrigerated Transfresh y Maxtend

Equipped units Transfresh and Maxtend are a complement of refrigerated containers. With a controller (micro-processer) within the container that verifies the atmosphere composition (oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide) within the unit, gas injections combined with vents are released, reaching a controlled atmosphere.

Purfresh Transport

To eliminate rust, bacteria, yeasts, viruses, almost in a 100% and reduce the levels of ethylene, Purfresh Transport is used; a protection system that improves the intern atmosphere, using an active oxygen (ozone). This solution free of chemicals extends the useful life of fresh products as foods, ensuring their quality and safety.


Refrigerated Land Transport

Land transport by truck is mainly used for cargo transfer to ports of shipment (as a complement to maritime transport,) or to reach border countries.

It is a transport of great flexibility (it can be door-to-door), and generally it´s support of the other modes, with transport of small loads and of not very long distances.

Refrigerated containers and trailers and insulated containers (Con-Air System) are used for this type of product transfer.

It is important to know that these units only serve to maintain the temperature of the product that has already been previously cooled by other means.

The standard dimensions are 8 x 8 feet wide, being 20 or 40 feet long.

A 40-foot container can carry a total of 20 American pallets (120 x 100 cm) or 23 European pallets (120 x 80 cm), taking advantage of the surface of the container by 87% and 80% respectively.

Characteristics of our refrigerated solutions

The load needs cold to stay cool.

Our refrigerated containers keep the cargo fresh throughout the transit, so it can arrive in the best conditions to the final destination. No matter the temperature outside, our containers’ technology maintains a constant temperature between -35 ° C / -31 ° F and 30 ° C / 86 ° F.

With some fruits and vegetables, the slightest deviation in temperature is crucial in the quality of the product at the time of arrival at destination. At Shalom Logistics, we understand the importance in this regard, and give it high technological priority. With transport temperatures above -10 ° C / 14 ° F the technology of our refrigerated containers allows reducing the maximum variation to 0.5 degrees. For frozen ones, below -10 ° C / 14 ° F allow reducing the maximum variation to only one degree.

Coolness and controlled atmosphere

When the products need controlled atmosphere, at Shalom Logistics we have technologies like AFAM +, eAutofresh, Transfresh, Maxtend or PurFresh. Fruits and flowers, for example, have a natural maturation process, so they need a controlled inner atmosphere to delay that process. Our controlled atmosphere solutions have all the necessary technology, so that these products arrive in the ideal state, at its exact point.

Ventilating as fresh air.

To ensure the quality of certain products, a proper ventilation system is also required. Our refrigerated containers supply up to 280m3 of fresh air per hour, automatically. The windstorms can be opened with a delay of up to 72 hours, which is an important advantage when the load is not cooled sufficiently in advance.

Dryness, the relative moisture is reduced.

Refrigerated containers can also reduce relative humidity when set values range from 65% to 95%. The containers have a special mode for bulbs, which provides an optimal atmosphere for transport, and automatically.

Delicacy and scheduled temperature changes.

Our refrigerated containers provide for automatic temperature changes, up to 8 times during the trip, through advanced programming. This means that the sensitive temperature load can be delicately refrigerated in stages, or, for example, can be started before reaching the destination the fruit ripening process.

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Environmentally friendly

At Shalom Logistics we are committed to the environment, and we seek to protect it, through constant research, that leads us to find the best solutions. For example, we have reduced our average energy consumption by more than 50% in recent years without compromising in any way the control of temperature, while improving performance and handling. And we know that this reduces the carbon footprint of the product. And of course, the refrigerant used in our refrigerated containers is CFC free.

Safe and informed

With the current technology, clients can track and trace shipments, load location, and know and save relevant data of the refrigerated container, such as temperature, humidity, CO2 content and source of fresh air. Pre-trip inspections (PTIs) are also carried out prior to each transport in order to ensure safety and minimize risks.

High loading capacity

With refrigerated containers, you can benefit from a larger load capacity, on average, from 100 to 200 kg. more than with other transport units. The modern materials with which they are composed, give a greater capacity of load and smaller weight of the container.

Reliability and protection of sensitive cargo

Refrigerated loads from the chemical, pharmaceutical or health industries require special and delicate handling. From Shalom Logistics we offer a careful special process, protection of sensitive and high value cargo.

Quick Cooling Units

In case the cargo was not pre-cooled as it should be, our containers have high power refrigeration, which perform this pre-cooling process. These fast times, help the quality of the products transported.

Absolute Hygiene

When containers have to carry food, it is necessary to use the appropriate units, specially designed for these products, with optimal conditions of hygiene. At Shalom Logistics we strictly verify the conditions of the containers, so that they have the necessary hygiene conditions, such as air circulation. We review and test these conditions first of all.

We are specialist in transport of refrigerated cargo, trust in our experience and in our modern units, equipped with the latest technology.

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