Ground Freight of Cargo

Our offer of land transport is absolutely flexible and trustful, it´s adaptable to all the needs of your business.

We carry out services of 48 ‘and 53’ American boxes with border crossing. Or if your operations are with less volume, we can perform LTL shipping, between Mexico, the United States and Canada.


At Shalom Logistics we plan, design, and develop logistic solutions, with absolute flexibility, according to the needs of each cargo, and with very competitive tariffs.

In addition, as we are Custom Brokers, we work in the main crossing borders in the country, and we can advise you on all processes and offer you an integral service


Minimize costs in your shipments, agile movements and track your cargo in the entire track. We maximize the cargo’s transport efficiency.


We plan your route of land transport, helping to optimize the times and the costs of the route, with total security and careful handling of your merchandise. We have a great sense of responsibility for your cargo, that’s why we are committed to offering you the best service.

Come in contact with our experts in land transport, they will find the most suitable logistic solution for your needs.

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Ground Freight by Truck

We offer solutions within Mexico and with our neighbors United States, Canada and Central America.

Our services of International Ground Freight

We carry out multimodal land service, which will allow you to make international shipments without the need to invest time, to carry out import and export operations by air or sea; we guarantee the best costs in the market.

We have land transport service by truck in different modalities for your imports and exports.

We offer the service of national and international transportation with the modality that your company requires in each shipment. Contact us and we will make an economic proposal.


Settings: Movements / Package / Dry Cargo


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Settings: Dry cargo


Settings: Dry cargo

Settings: Perishable products / temperature sensitive products

Settings: bulk heavy materials / containers

Settings: liquids / gases / chemical and petrochemical products

Settings: liquids / chemical and petrochemical products

Settings: Food products in bulk

Settings: various animals

Settings: Products requiring lateral load and unload

Settings: Heavy machinery or products

Settings: Bulk cargo / Building materials

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Container Platforms

We carry out the multimodal service, know and relate directly with the different shipping companies. In addition our custom brokers operate in the customs of all Mexican ports. We carry out service of container platforms for trips in full and simple, in Imports and Exports from Door to Door.


Land LCL Cargo

We carry out the transportation of national and international port customs of the land LCL cargo. The merchandise of different clients is consolidated in a single unit, so there is no need to wait to load the vehicle completely, since there are also scheduled times of departure, with the load you carry at that time.

LTL Transport Mexico, Canada and United States

We offer consolidated transportation and partial load. Our LTL Transport Mexico, Canada and United States has door-to-door tariffs per pallet, including consolidated transportation, customs service and basic insurance. Our experts in Imports and exports will help you in the handling of tariffs and all the necessary calculations.

FTL Transport Mexico, Canada and United States

We offer freights and land transport of direct loading at FTL Transport Mexico, Canada and the United States for your imports and exports 48′ and 53′ boxes. Your merchandise travels absolutely safe with Shalom Logistics, and with our land transport insurance. Our service is integral, you do not have to worry about anything, we take care of the transport, we make the arrangements customs, and all the necessary, for an optimal arrival, of your merchandise to the final destination.


LTL & FTL Transport Central America

We offer the services of export to Central America in consolidated service (LTL) and complete (FTL). Regular service from warehouse to consolidated warehouse; collection of goods, special door-to-door service.

Land Transport by Railway

Large-scale projects in international trade require this type of transportation for projects with large volumes and weights, so land transportation by railway is one of the most convenient routes to optimize logistics costs.

Our project consultants will analyze land transport by railway to provide you with the most convenient route in your transportation to any part of Mexico.

For international shipments we have the experience of transfer to the United States and Canada.

Division of Railways in Mexico: consists of three large railway companies. Together, they are the largest railroad operator in Mexico, both in terms of coverage and the size of its fleet.

Within international freight projects, this type of transport is suitable for an efficient operation.

Types of Railway Equipment:

AUTOMAX:  Specialized to move cars, having a maximum capacity of 25 units

Size: Length 44.2 meters, Width 3.25 meters, Height 6.14 meters

Capacity: 15 units

BILEVEL:   In this equipment they also move bigger cars and vans
Size: Length 28.60 meters, Width 3.25 meters, Height 5.80 meters
Capacity: 10 units

TRILEVEL:  This equipment has greater capacity to move cars
Size: 28.6 meters, Width 3.25 meters, Height 5.80 meters
Capacity: 24 units

TANK CAR 43′: It is to move liquids, mainly chemicals such as fuel, oils, among others
Size: Length: 13.3 meters, Height 4.8 meters
Capacity: 66.52 liters and unladed net weight 37.20 tons

53′ CONTAINER: In this type of containers general cargo are moved, between the main products are spare parts, beer, foods and household appliances.
Size: Length 16.1meters, Width. 2.63 meters, Height 2.7 meters
Capacity: 22 thousand tons

50′ VAN: In this type of equipment we move any type of goods
Size: Length: 16.5 meters, Height 5.1 meters
Capacity: 139.54 cubic meters
Unladed net weight: 28 tons

60′ VAN: Other equipment option to move any kind of goods
Size: Length 20.7 meters, Height 4.8 meters
Capacity: 121.37 cubic meters

GONDOLA: In this type of equipment are moved bulk products like minerals, coal, metals, among others.
Size: Length 15.8 meters, Height, 2.87 meters
Capacity: 90 a 100 tons

MULTIPURPOSE GONDOLA: For movements of bulk goods like minerals, coal, metals, scrap.
Size: Length: 15.8 meters, Height 2.5 meters
Capacity: 70.96 cubic meters.

COVERED GONDOLA: This type of equipment has counters and covers for charge sheet rolls.
Size: Length 15.3 meters, Height 4.1 meters
Capacity: 85 tons

MAXI STACK III with double stowage: In this type of equipment is to move containers whether they are of 20´and 40’
Size: Length 17.80 meters, Height 33 meters
Capacity: 266 tons

PLATFORM: In this type of equipment is multipurpose for loading piece goods like steel bars, trunks, blocks, among others.
Size: 18 meters
Cargo capacity: 70 tons

OPEN HOPPER: In this type of equipment is to move minerals and coal in bulk.
Size: Length: 17.60 meters, Height 4.25 meters
Capacity: 91 tons

BULK HOPPER: This type of equipment is used for move corn, wheat, canola, bean, rice and seeds.
Capacity: 92 tons
Length: 15.8 meters
Height: 4.4 meters
Capacity: 128 cubic meters

CEMENT PLANT HOPPER: In this type of hopper is moved cement in bulk.
Size: Length 12.5 meters, Height 4.6 meters
Capacity: 90 tons.


Railway Transport

We have the coverage that you require inside and outside the Mexican Republic with the different railway transport lines.

Our main subsidiaries of the transport division are Grupo Ferroviario Mexicano (GFM-Ferromex), Ferrosur and Intermodal Mexico.

Ferromex operates the most extensive railways in Mexico, with a network of 10,110.5 km. which cover approximately 71% of the country’s geographic area and almost 80% of Mexico’s industrial and commercial areas.


Ferromex is the largest rail operator in Mexico, in terms of both coverage by number of kilometers and number of cars used in the provision of its services.

The company provides general and intermodal rail freight services, as well as other ancillary services including passenger transportation, intraterminal trawling and automotive terminal service, among others.

Ferromex has the largest coverage of the Mexican rail system with 7,108.6 kms. of main roads and 1,001.9 km. of branches, apart from operating the country’s largest railway fleet with 582 locomotives and 12,419 cars of various types, some of which are owned and others rented to third parties.

Kansas City.

Kansas City Southern  of Mexico (KCSM / formerly TFM) is a Mexican railway company. KCSM operates a 2,645-mile (4,251 km) main railroad system, and 637 miles (1,025 kilometers) through rights of way, and is the most important commercial corridor of the Mexican rail system, serving northeast and central Mexico, as well as the cities in the ports of Lazaro Cardenas and Tampico, among others.

Kansas City Southern Lines.

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