At Shalom Logistics we offer solutions for the transport of heavy, oversized or dangerous loads, and for high-end industries.

Our team of experts in the development of industrial projects is responsible for analyzing and implementing all phases of logistics projects, serving to different industries in a variety of sectors, in all that refers to oversized or very heavy cargo transport operations.

  • Engineery
  • Construction
  • Mining
  • Chemical Industry
  • Automotive Industry
  • Infrastructure Projects
  • Electric Energy
  • Petrochemical


Industrial Projects

Handling, unload, transport, administration and collecting. Shalom Logistics offers the complete process of import and export. And for the service to be truly comprehensive, our staff is also responsible for the loading process in countries around the world, establishing the conditions of transportation.
The qualified staff of our company is in charge of keeping at all times an absolute control, to deliver it to the client without damages.

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Engineering, Constructing and operating of storage centers.

⦁ Design
⦁ Construction and Install
⦁ Equipment
⦁ Receipt, unload, stacking and load of pipelines
⦁ Inspection with HD Coating pipes
⦁ Damage certification of Coating
⦁ Repair of Coating

Land Transport of Pipelines.

⦁ Load Supervision in origin Port
⦁ Unload Supervision in Ports
⦁ Direct receipt from Ship to Truck
⦁ Transport from discharge port to storage center.

General Management of Storage Center

⦁ General Document Management
⦁ Customs Management
⦁ Management of Permits of Installation of Chores of Storage Center
⦁ Management of Accreditation and Certification of Staff and Machineries
⦁ Work Safety and Environmental Management
⦁ Custody, Maintenance and General Control

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Integral Logistic of projects

Industrial Projects Turnkey plants Assembly and dismantling

Breakdown of activity areas:
⦁ Gas and petroleum
⦁ Generators
⦁ Petrochemical
⦁ Automotive
⦁ Power
⦁ Wind
⦁ Combined cycle
⦁ Solar
⦁ Thermal plants
⦁ Hydropower plants
⦁ Lines of Power transmission
⦁ Substations
⦁ Electric plants
⦁ Water

⦁ Desalination plants
⦁ Treatment plants
⦁ Steel
⦁ Mill
⦁ Lamination
⦁ Mining
⦁ Machinery
⦁ Cranes
⦁ Tunnel boring machine
⦁ Conveyor belts
⦁ Cement
⦁ Concrete plants
⦁ Governmental projects
⦁ Education-schools
⦁ Health-Hospitals
⦁ Equipment against fires

Logistica Carga Proyecto

At Shalom Logistics, the satisfaction of our clients is our biggest project.

In all our operations of Project Cargo, whether in Import or Export, the detail and thoroughness in the loading and unloading of heavy and oversized equipment, are the real key.

Our expert team designs, manages and handles Project Cargo solutions. With our services of Land, Air, Maritime Transport and also our Customs services, specialized in oversized or heavy goods, we create and develop solutions to arm, disarm, transport, and/or re-arm, pipelines, marine platforms, etc.

Our suppliers, grant us preferential conditions for the Transportation of Oversized Cargo in the type of unit that is desired, offering:

⦁ Space solutions and personalized monitoring 24/7
⦁ National Transfers.
⦁ Custom Brokers specialized in the Industry.
⦁ Specialized equipment for Transport of Oversized Cargo
⦁ Freight of Ships
⦁ Offshore Solutions
⦁ Barges.
⦁ Semi-submersible ships.
⦁ Ro/Ro
⦁ Charter.
⦁ Break Bulk.
⦁ Flatbeds.
⦁ Step Decks.
⦁ Double Drops.
⦁ Modular.
⦁ Air Cranes.
⦁ Integrated Door-Door Services
⦁ Handling of Dangerous Cargo
⦁ Maneuvers of unload and load.

We have wide experience and a high degree of specialization in transport of special cargo.

To ensure that your cargo reaches its destination as planned, we are responsible for the entire transportation process and logistics management. The whole process, adapted to the peculiarities of your cargo.

We offer the best heavy cargo transport options, to guarantee the optimal delivery to its final destination.

The transfer of large pieces requires the integration of different logistics operations, and for that reason, we have great professionals, specialists in planning and execution of projects.

        • Heavy and oversized merchandise
        • Turnkey projects
        • Feasibility studies
        • Storage and distribution
        • Multimodal transport


We offer a complete service for the transportation of your cargo:

        • Space solutions for special cargo.
        • Custom brokers skilled in industrial projects
        • Safe transportation, whether by land, air or maritime, of heavy, oversized, dangerous and project cargo.
        • Customized attention and tracking.

Contact our industrial specialists, they will help you with all necessary for import or export heavy, oversized or dangerous cargo.


Shalom Logistics International team in Logistics Solutions