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Retail encompasses the business sector that ranges from large brand stores, to supermarkets, department stores, malls, etc.


In everything related to Retail, always so changing, time is vital. At present many of the supply chains are very complex, since manufacturing can take place in another country, because of a cost of production issue.

At Shalom Logistics we know that price is an important purchase decision, but we also know that today, immediacy is also important.


Companies not only have to offer fresh or new products, but have to have almost immediate availability of them.

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Importance of retail logistics

As we know, the costs of logistics greatly influence the final prices of products. For that reason, today, companies must reduce transportation and storage costs, to achieve competitive prices.

It also plays a very important role in retail logistics, efficiency and speed in all the processes that compose it. An end customer of a mall must find what they are looking for, so is crucial the quick distribution of the merchandise.

Our solutions streamline the supply chain reduce time, costs and storage of goods.

We optimize logistics processes; improve all stages of the supply chain for the retail sector.


We manage distribution, analyze and design the supply chain, whether for stores, retailers, distributors, hypermarkets, etc.


At Shalom Logistics we offer our services of transport of goods, both for national (for all Mexico), and international by sea, land, or air.

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