Fairs and Exhibitions


At Shalom Logistics we are specialists in fairs, and we guarantee easy handling of your exhibitions.


You can count on us from the transfer of the material of construction of the booth, in origin, to its destination, at the foot of the stand, with cranes and forklift trucks, besides ordering what has to do with empty packaging. We also take care of all the necessary procedures, including customs clearance.


We are your Logistics Expert in Fair presentations


We can manage all the logistics for your exhibition, wherever your event is, near here, or a thousand of miles away.


We got to the whole world. We can handle everything from logistics, transport, customs clearance and tracking to delivery. Our team of professional has the appropriate knowledge and experience, and will inform you at all times of the process, guaranteeing that everything will arrive at the agreed time, to the place indicated.


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Shalom Logistics Services at the Event

For the preparation of the fair:

⦁ Ground transport, sea transport and air transport, of the products to be exhibited
⦁ Management of Customs procedures
⦁ Total advisory on insurances.


Already in the fairgrounds:

⦁ Transfer to the booth of the stand decoration material and transfer of exhibition products

⦁ Assistance in the unpacking and assembly of the exhibition material
⦁ Storage of empty package
⦁ Disassembly and packaging assistance
⦁ Transportation of the products to be exposed to the origin, or to the destination to be indicated.

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