Avoid risks; we are a Certified Team in International Customs Service.
Protect your merchandise with our consultants.

In our Customs Office we plan your operation and optimize times in international customs service. We carry out all processes of customs dispatch in national customs of Mexico and the international manage processes.

En nuestro Despacho Aduanero planeamos tu operación y optimizamos tiempos en el servicio aduanero internacional. Realizamos todos los procesos de despacho aduanal en las aduanas nacionales de México, y los procesos de gestión internacional.

In Imports: We carry out the Importation Processes, Temporary, virtual and support programs to the industry IMMEX, ALTEX, PROSEC.

The Customs Clearance processes have our ISO9001-2015 Certification which will allow you to be sure that all safety and prevention mechanisms will be used. And as we are registered with the pattern of importers, we can carry out the management with our allied company, avoiding customs import processes.

In Exports: Being for our government one of the most encouraging mechanisms, we offer the management of exports, Definitive, Temporary, Virtual.

We will follow the rules of Mexico Customs.

Our customs service is recognized worldwide with international associations such as WCA Interglobla, WCA perishable, WCA pharma. Check our monthly publication on our blog about our customs service with success stories.

– Customs Brokers in Mexico


We have the coverage in all the customs in Mexico, which allows speed the processes of logistics and customs. Our Customs Broker in Mexico has the most important patents of ports, airports and land borders, of our country.


– Tariff Classification


We know all the products, within the Tariff of the Law of General Taxes of Importing and Exporting.
Leave your merchandise in expert hands; we see the most convenient classification according to the laws established in our country.


– Customs Procedures


The customs procedures allow the importer and exporter to expedite the entry or exit of their goods with the non-tariff regulations and restrictions, allowing us to enter or extract a good from anywhere in the world

  • Procedures before any Secretariat
  • High Registry of Importers
  • Origin Certifications, EUR 1
  • Non-Tariff Regulations and Restrictions
  • FDA Registration
  • Coordination of perishable products
  • Classification of products


We are customs brokers in Mexico, we have in our team with experts in Foreign Trade, who assure you the application of the current laws in customs and fiscal matters.

For the correct import or export of your goods, our team coordinates everything in terms of customs clearance, fulfilling all the necessary requirements and formalities.

Our certified Customs professionals manage all customs processes in all Mexican customs, and will give you the assistance and advice you need to make preventions to your foreign trade operations. We carry out a complete evaluation of your import and export operations.

We are experts in what we do, thanks to our knowledge and experience, we can advise you with certainty, so that you can take full advantage of the customs regulations.

With our solutions, we facilitate your Foreign Trade operations.

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We offer advisory on import and export of goods. Our custom brokers assure you the full compliance with current regulations in customs and tax matters, streamlining the entire process and offering the best solution.

Look what our experts in customs regulations can do:

  • Processing of everything needed for importation in the country of destination.
  • Tariff technical advice for forecasting and reducing risks.
  • Preparation of documentation.
  • Authorization management for import
  • Accredited verification units for compliance with standards such as: NOM-142-SSA1-1995, NOM-006-SCFI-2012 y NOM-070-SCFI-1994.
  • Origin certifications and preferential agreements.
  • Restrictions of consumer countries.


Global Solutions for Importers and Exporters


At Shalom Logistics we advise you about the use of Customs Regimes according to the needs of your company.

Goods that leave or enter our country, must do so under a specific customs regime, and according to the declaration that is presented at customs, different operations will be performed, taking into account the specific final destination of the goods (whether within Mexico or abroad)

There are six customs regimes, with their variants according to the traffic for import and export:

  1. Definitive
  2. Temporal
  3. Fiscal Deposit
  4. Transit of goods
  5. Elaboration, transformation or repair
  6. Audit strategic enclosure


Customs Regimes Application


1- Definitive Customs Regime


When goods of foreign origin will remain in Mexico for an unlimited period, the definitive import regime is considered and is the general import procedure is performed.

In general, the requirements for the importation of goods are as follow:

  • Must be enrolled in the Federal Taxpayer Registry.
  • Be enrolled in the Register of importers of the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit.
  • Your tax situation must be updated.
  • Have the Advanced Electronic Signature.
  • Have the services of a customs broker or customs agent.
  • Have the documentation proving the country of origin and the source of the goods.
  • Deliver to the Customs Broker the document proving the assignment conferred.
  • Comply with the payment of applicable taxes and benefits.
  • Comply with the payment of storage expenses, unload, load, merchandise transportation.
  • Comply with the non-tariff regulations and restrictions that may be subject to the merchandise.


This customs regime corresponds to the goods issue of Mexico, for an unlimited period.

  • Must be enrolled in the Federal Taxpayer Registry.
  • You must register in the Sector Export Exporters’ Register, whether it is alcoholic drinks, beers, energy drinks, alcohol, uncrystallized honeys or manufactured tobaccos.
  • Contract services of a Custom Broker to represent the exporte before the custom.
  • Pay the Customs Formalities (Derecho de Trámite Aduanero (DTA).
  • Cover the requirements established in the destination country for the exported merchandise.



2- Temporal Customs Regime

Temporal importation

When the goods of foreign origin will remain in Mexico for a limited period and for a specific purpose, the Temporary Customs Regime applies:

  1. No taxes are paid on foreign trade or countervailing duties, except in some certain cases.
  2. They fulfill the other obligations in non-tariff regulations and restrictions and formalities for the clearance of goods destined in this regime.

There are two ways of temporal import:

  1. Goods that returns abroad without suffering any alteration, in other words, in the same state that they were imported (trailers and platforms designed for transport of containers; vehicles of representation of international organisms or diplomatic missions, props of international cultural or sporting events, Congresses, conventions, etc.)
  2. Goods submitted to processes of elaboration, repair or transformation.


Temporary export

It is the departure of goods from the country for a limited period and for a specific purpose.  No taxes are paid to Foreign Trade, and obligations regarding non-tariff regulations and restrictions, and formalities for the clearance of goods destined to this regime must be fulfilled.

There are also two ways:

  • To return to the country in the same state, without modifications.
  • To undergo some process of transformation, production or repair.

3- Tax Deposits

The Tax Deposits regime refers to the storage of goods in warehouses of deposit, authorized by the Customs. The goods deposited (both foreign and domestic), may be stored as long as necessary, as long as there is a storage contract that supports it and is paid for this service.

Goods under Tax Deposits regime can be retired (partially or fully), to:

  • Import or export definitively (according to their origin, domestic or foreign)
  • Return abroad or rejoin to the national market.


4- Transit of Goods Regime

It consists of the transfer of goods under fiscal control. There are two ways:

  • Intern transit. Transfer from a national custom to another.
  • International transit. It is the transfer of goods from an international custom to another crossing our country.

5- Regime of Manufacturing, Transformation or Repairing in Strategic Fiscal Offices

This regime consists of the entry of foreign or domestic goods to said property, for its repair, transformation or processing, either to be returned abroad or to be exported.

The entry of foreign goods under this regime is subject to the payment of the general import tax and the applicable compensatory quotas. The general import tax must be determined when the goods are destined to this regime.

The goods destined to this regime, in no case will be able to be removed from the audited area, if it is not for its return to the foreigner or for its export.

If the customs authorities authorize it, goods stored in these premises may be processed, processed or repaired. The return of the products that result from these processes must pay the general import tax.

6- Regime of Strategic Fiscal Offices

This regime refers to the entry for a limited period, from foreign, national or nationalized goods, to the strategic fiscal offices to be distributed, sold, stored, guarded, exhibited, transformed or repaired.

  • No taxes will be paid to Foreign Trade or compensatory fees.
  • They will not be subject to compliance with non-tariff regulations and restrictions or Mexican official standards
  • Decreases resulting of the processes will not cause any contribution or compensatory fees.
  • Non-returned waste will not cause contribution, provided that is proven that they have been destroyed in compliance with the control provisions, that establishes the Tax Administration Service through rules, determining the contributions and compensatory fees.


The Tax Deposit regime consists of the storage of merchandise, whether of foreign or national origin, in warehouses of deposit, authorized by Customs.

This regime allows the entry of goods from abroad, without the immediate payment of the contributions to Foreign Trade, since the choice of the import regime is deferred, keeping the goods stored as long as necessary, paying for the service and being backed by a storage contract

While a merchandise is under a tax deposit scheme, it can return abroad by internal transit, or it can be extracted in whole or in part for its import, paying taxes and agreed services.


Mexican customs (49) are located mainly in the border areas: on the northern border with the United States, on the south with Belize and Guatemala, and also on strategic places, such as seaports on the coasts of the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific, as well as some interior points of Mexican national territory.

At Shalom Logistics we manage all the customs processes in the main Customs of Mexico.

Customs in Northern border:

Agua Prieta

Ciudad Acuña

Ciudad Camargo

Ciudad Juárez

Ciudad Miguel Alemán

Ciudad Reynosa






Nuevo Laredo


Piedras Negras

Puerto Palomas

San Luis Rio Colorado




Customs in south border:

Ciudad Hidalgo

Subteniente López

Maritime Customs of Mexico:




Ciudad del Carmen


Dos Bocas



La Paz

Lázaro Cárdenas




Salina Cruz




Intern customs:

Mexico City International Airport:











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We are Customs Brokers, we manage the customs clearance of our clients, in the main Mexican Customs. Contact us, and know everything we can do for your company.

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