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Cold Chain to conserve


The Cold Chain is the key, so that perishable products, such as food or those belongings to the pharmaceutical industry, reach to their destination in optimal conditions.


Depending on how long a merchandise needs to be preserved, Refrigeration (weeks), or Freezing (months) will be used.


Note all perishables need the same treatment to reach the final consumer in the best conditions (it is necessary to take into account the time of maturation, or life), therefore it is of crucial importance, to know the temperature needs of each product, for proper transportation.

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The cold chain must guarantee the quality and safety of the product, from its storage and transport, to its final destination.

For this, the operations and processes must apply the following standards and standardized requirements to guarantee the quality of the final product:

  • CCQI standard (Cold Chain Quality Indicators). The Cold Chain Quality Indicators Standard, defines the requirements that must be met to handle perishable products
    • IARW (International Association of Refrigerated Warehouses). This Association promotes excellence in the storage and logistics of controlled temperatures worldwide.


The most used vehicles to transport products at a controlled temperature


      • Isotherm: These vehicles are built walls, doors, ceiling and floor, insulating, so they allow controlling the intern temperature regardless of the exterior.
      • Fridge: fridge vehicles have a mechanical cold production system, which reduce the temperature inside the box and maintains a stable temperature between -12 º C and -20º C.
      • Refrigerated: in the case of refrigerated vehicles, the internal temperature is reduced with a non-mechanic cold source and maintained while the external temperature is within a range from 30 ºC to -20º C as limiting temperatures.



Ground shipping of frozen samples


Whether road or rail, vehicles have cooling systems and an insulation coating, which maintains the internal temperature stable, regardless of the external heat.


Air shipping of Frozen Samples

For shipping frozen samples to anywhere in the world, the air option is the most agile and fast. In addition, there are special centers for handling perishable products at airports, where they ensure with refrigeration chambers, that the cold chain is controlled and maintained, according to the needs of the cargo.

Maritime shipping of frozen samples


For the maritime shipping of frozen samples, freezer vessels are used; with the necessary equipment for assure efficient air circulation. The other option for moving these temperature-sensitive goods, are the Reefer refrigerated containers.


At Shalom Logistics we offer you all the possible solutions for the delivery of frozen samples to an international destination.  Speak with our experts; they will advise you on the best options for sending your cargo.

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