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In Shalom Logistics we want long-term commercial alliances; therefore we offer you our Commercial Alliance services that will care your image better than nobody.

A good company image is essential when it comes to encouraging potential customers, to decide for us. In Shalom we know the importance of the image of a company, and we understand that in order to build it, it has to have a very good presentation, both of the company and its services, of its capabilities, and of the methods that it uses to market and promote your proposal.

The first impression is very important, we know, it can be a gateway, but also an exit door. Many times the success of a business may depend on the image. Thus we have to worry not only about being professionals, but about having a professional appearance.

Together we will analyze the project that you have with a client and we will make an economic proposal that suits the needs of your customer.

Grow your Logistic Services porfolio

Offer our services.

In Shalom Logistics we propose you as commercial allies, offering our logistic services, disposing our experience and highly qualified and certified staff, to follow up on every project related to international logistics.

These are our certifications, training and infrastructure:
⦁ Technology in Logistic Solutions
⦁ FIATA Certification
⦁ IATA Certification
⦁ WCA Certification
⦁ AMACARGA Partners
⦁ Dangerous Cargo Certification
⦁ Refrigerated Shipment Certification
⦁ NVOCC Agents
⦁ Certified Staff in International Commerce
⦁ Customs Certification
⦁ Cold Chain Certification


Commercial Alliance Process

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1.- Commercial Ally Entrepreneur

1.- Freelancer and Shalom Logistics: Must sign the Commercial Alliance Agreement
2.- Freelancer: Must promote logistic services portfolio with Shalom Logistics
3.- Shalom Logistics: Assigns a sales executive, which will advise unconditionally the Freelancer in every process until the correct sale closing.
3.- Freelancer: Request the requirements that the customers sent to your sales executive.
4.- Shalom Logistics: Through the sales executive must send Net/Net costs to the Freelancer where they jointly analyze the business to put the sales rate that best suits the type of business.
5.- Freelancer: If the proposal was approved by the customer, must be sent said requirement to the sales executive for its operative process.

6.- Shalom Logistics: Assign the Traffic Executive to give the necessary follow-up to the logistics operation.

7.- Shalom Logistics: Must follow its business processes from the Purchase Order, until the closing of the file.

8.- Shalom Logistics: Once all the invoices of the sold service are settled, they will be transferred to the countable closing of the company.

9.- Shalom Logistics: On the 5th of each month, the manager will deliver to the Freelancer a monthly report with all the carried out operations with the costs and sale of the operation, as well as the amount of payable commission.
10.- Freelancer: Must deliver to the Manager his/her honorary receipt from 5 to 10 of every month with commission amounts to pay.
11.- Shalom Logistics: Once the record is fully closed with all the accounts settled and the receipt of freelancer schedules, it is proceeded to pay on the 10th of each month the commissions for the transactions made during the month that happened.

2.- Commercial Ally Companies.
⦁ Commercial Ally & Shalom Logistics: Sign confidentiality agreement of information
⦁ Shalom Logistics: Assign a sales executive, who will give you the necessary advice to carry out a correct closing of sale.
⦁ Commercial Ally: Send request of the requirements (contributions) to his/her assigned sales executive.
⦁ Commercial Ally: If it is necessary to send a specialist to any technical meeting with the customer, we will assist as representatives of your company; leaving aside our company and advising to the possible with the brand of our commercial ally.
⦁ Shalom Logistics: It will send the contribution to our Commercial Ally of the request with NET/NET fees, in which it will propose a sales rate and the minimum honorary that Shalom Logistics is willing to obtain for such operation.
⦁ Commercial Ally: To ensure that they are net costs you can verify the expense account with our company Shalom Logistics and directly with our different suppliers, as well as we will show the invoices of what we paid to the supplier
⦁ Commercial Ally: Once assigned and gained the logistics solution, you must send the information of the request to your assigned sales executive, along with the image of your company.
⦁ Commercial Ally: For greater control of the operation we propose that we be assigned an email account with the domain of your company to send all the information directly to the client in copy to the personnel that you indicate us.
⦁ Shalom Logistics: Proceeds to make and ingress the operation to our system with the image of our Commercial Ally like:
⦁ Business Name
⦁ Telephone/ Fax / Email and/or any other date that our Commercial Ally wish to put.
⦁ Bank Accounts
⦁ Shalom Logistics: Will inform of advances and operation status to the Commercial Ally
⦁ Shalom Logistics: Will send documents emission with data and image of our Commercial Ally
⦁ Shalom Logistics: Will bill directly to our Commercial Ally.
⦁ Commercial Ally: Shall pay Shalom Logistics service account, which in turn our Commercial Ally, shall charge directly to their client.
⦁ Commercial Ally: Shall verify charge to the customer all related to ours.



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