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Avoid delays in search information. We make you a tailor-made suit with information of your orders. Companies lost more than 30% in search information.

Instant access to the Cloud

Eliminate file cabinets and get into the digital age. With a username and password you can get your information immediately on Internet, download reports of your goods, with all operation data from a BL, Air Guide, container numbers, volumes, weights, origin, destination, suppliers, consignees, among other data.

You have the ease to identify your loads with your purchase order and/or commercial invoice. Similarly you can get all the information of your shipment in real time as BL’S, Air Guides or any document related to your shipment.

Information Storage

All the information is backed indefinitely. You are able to search information of tax years of years ago and get the documentation in seconds.

Consultancy Digital Documents

Documents of your operations will be online every day of the year.

Load Tracking

In real time you are able to display where your merchandise is. We classified all the products of your inventory and much more.

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Shalom System

Shalom System software covers each stage of logistics processes within a supply chain, from the execution of purchase/sale of order, to the delivery of goods to the final consignee.
During all the process the clients can track the status of each stage, through various tracking tools.

Shalom Cargo System helps you to take control of your loads, remotely, no matter where they are.

With a username and password you can get immediate and updated information of all the operations via Internet.
Shalom Cargo System allows you to make detailed operation reports and also to make various requests online: Online booking, transport bookings, Online Shipping orders, Online Payments Online, Sales orders.

Facility of Use

Its friendly and interactive screens are designed to reduce the amount of work, increase the user’s productivity, reduce costs and get a competitive advantage.

Information in seconds

Information Storage
The information is stored indefinitely in international servers, which allow the back up and search of information from previous tax years.
The documents of you operations will be one click away, 365 days a year. You can view the status and location of your merchandise in real time.

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Shalom System through WMS controls the inventory, movement and storage of the goods.
WMS covers the process of entrance transport to the warehouse as well as the exit transport for the final deliver.

Shalom WMS data base collect information using Wireless mobile devises operating Shalom WMS Mobile app, allowing you to maintain an updated record of inventory and use a Just in Time (JIT) inventory strategy.


Shalom System plug-ins are gadgets and products used conjunctly to expand the reach of this software.
Plug-ins allow the remote use and merchandise tracking, as well the scanning and printing of bar codes or QR, referencing the merchandise information in the system.

Shalom Commerce System

Shalom Commerce System was developed to offer a complete package that includes in the same app: Inventory control, purchase order processing, sales order processing, collecting and delivery of goods, accounting and a complete storage management system.

Track & Trace

The app Shalom Track & Trace provides in real time the status of the inventory, shipments and much more. The updates are visible in Shalom Track & Trace immediately when they occur and they are updated in their system. At Shalom Track & Trace, you can book shipments on internet, send a purchase order and see documents.


Shalom Mobile

Shalom Mobile works in mobile devises and gives you the flexibility to view information about your inventory, shipments, documents, and perform tasks from anywhere you are.
With Shalom Mobile you can create tasks for the user and send them to Wireless portable units of Shalom Mobile.

Shalom Transaction Tracking

Shalom Transaction Tracking is the simplest way to track a transaction or specific operation.
At the time of any transaction (release, entrance, departure, dispatch, etc…) the user receives an automatic email, with updated status of the operation and merchandise.

Shalom System has an interface suitable and integrable to the most common accounting systems and processing of orders.

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