Audit and Inspection service for imports and exports of goods worldwide


Shalom Inspection:


⦁ Inspection during production
⦁ Inspection in pre-shipment
⦁ Container Load Monitoring
⦁ Provider Audit
⦁ Social Accountability Audit (COC audit)
⦁ Quality Engineering Support
⦁ Project Management (PM)
⦁ Part Design


Inspection during production


Why do the inspection during production?

When you have too many produced incomplete products and when you find quality issues.

When you are upset about late deliveries because of quality issues

When you are losing confidence in your being produced products.

When the order has been finished at least a 20%, we will go to the Factory with the following finality:

Verify the production plan

Inspect packing and labeling

Inspect the way you store your products

Inspect the appearance of the workmanship

Inspect functioning, size, and measurements

Do security and reliability tests

Other requirements specified by you


Pre-shipment inspection


Have you received your products with quality errors? Have the products been released in the wrong place? Were your products made with poor quality to not the agreed quality?


We suggest using pre-shipment inspection
Pre-shipment inspection is given when the order is at 100% finished production
We go to the provider’s factory to inspect the following:

Amounts, packing and label.

The place of product storage

Product manufacture appearance

Function / Size / Measure related to the product

Supplier-related formality and security testThe related to the shipment file (packing list / invoice / certificates) Any other specification related to you


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Container Load Monitoring


We suggest using container supervision for shipping, which we call the PRIOR OF ORIGIN and is carried before closing the container. This type of supervision is usually given at the supplier’s factory when the forwarder is requested to position the container at the supplier’s factory. Not only the products and quantities are supervised, also the correct packaging and the quality of the products are inspected.


A report with all the information is given, it will be sent within 24 hours. Qualified engineers will go personally to the provider’s factory, caring their company’s interests: registering the container arrival time, number of containers, truck plates, among others.

The packages will be inspected within and externally, searching any damage, as well as the quantity that will be loading

The entire process of consolidation of the merchandise in the container will be supervised.

The seal number of the container will be verified.

Benefits: Reduce all risk in amounts, mistakes in products, as well as damaged merchandise helps to improve the efficiency: you don´t need to be in the factory to see if your order is according with your instructions and this guarantees you reducing costs.


Provider Audit


Are you in doubt if the factory will be able to comply with the order?
Does the factory have quality standards for production?
We have highly qualified engineers and the professional experience of evaluating factories.
Audit can help you make a crucial decision as to whether you should trust and move forward with a potential provider. The Factory Audit Report with all the information will be sent to you within 24 hours.
The auditor will be presented personally to the factory on behalf of your company to verify the following elements: factory profile (organization structure, certifications, staff, equipment, and facilities, among others). It will also evaluate Photographs will be taken of the facilities. facilities, capacity, quality controls, as well as production processes and capabilities.

Benefits: The assurance that you will work with a factory with quality standard or that it is not the right provider for your orders.
It is a crucial decision if you have to trust in the potential provider
Improve efficiency


Social Audit


Prices, products and services are no longer the only arbiters of commercial success. It is a business that must take the initiative in controlling the global border. Companies should take the lead in the establishing the rule of law in emerging markets. Companies should take the initiative to stop bribery. Companies must take the lead to place an order in the cyberspace. Companies must take the initiative to ensure that technology does not divide the world between those who have it and those who do not. (By Dominic A. Tarantino)

Use our social responsibility audits (COC audit). Our experienced auditors will go to the factory for represent your interest, and check if it meets the international standards, such as S48000 which is developed by Social Accountability International. This way we can help to figure out what kind of company you are going to do business with. We prepare a report, an all information will be sent by email within 24 hours after the audit, while it will be available via Internet from any computer, for your exclusive use.


We personally come to the factory to represent the interests of your company through a research on:
⦁ Child Labor
⦁ Forced labors
⦁ Minimum salary
⦁ Occupational health and safety
⦁ Social benefits
⦁ Right to be held
⦁ Discrimination
⦁ Working hours
⦁ Protection of the Environment

Its benefits:
⦁ Improve the image of your company
⦁ Make sure the provider you have chosen is socially responsible
⦁ There is no need for you to go to the field of work. Save money and time.


Quality in Engineering Support


With highly qualified engineers in the highest quality standards and al least 8 years of experience in quality engineering in international companies, we can adapt our services to satisfy your requirements:

⦁ Establishing the standards of quality of your order so that your providers fully understand your expectations (both obvious and potential)
⦁ Smooth communication with your providers
⦁ Control of the preparation of the raw material and all kinds of accessories
⦁ We study the manufacturing processes to adapt the process control system.
⦁ Design of experiments to discover the best manufacturing parameters.
⦁ Design of tests to detect and solve possible problems related to quality.
⦁ Failure Analysis and development of the action plan
⦁ Supervise production and discover discrepancy actions

⦁ Review other requirements specified by you.


Projects Management


Shalom offers professional project management services to ensure your projects are completed on time, within budged and avoiding costly excesses, to save you time and money.

Our project managers are PMP holders with many years of project management experience in in well-known international companies
How do we make sure your factory understands and adheres to specifications?
⦁ Shalom clearly defines the scope of the Project and detailed specifications with our customers. The specifications not only include the obvious expectations of our customers, they also include potential expectations that we help to find with the CIS support.
⦁ Giving these specifications to the factory to make point by point with the factory’s confirmation. Experienced CIS project managers will visit the factory and work with them
⦁ Set the objectives of the Project for as long as it lasts. Establish the approval process for the engineering sample related to each objective. Set the texting process and quality control clearly in each one.
⦁ Clearly sets the action plan for each objective

How do we inform our customers the project’s status?

⦁ We establish plans and project meetings with the customer (once a week is the general form. If necessary, daily communication is one of the solutions)
⦁ We present regularly the project report (once a week is the general form. And if there is not great advance or there is some delay, the corresponding report will be sent.)
⦁ We send engineering samples to customers if required

⦁ The objectives and results are established for the entire project. Along with the objectives, the process of approval of the engineering sample in each stage is established.
⦁ Shalom collects the comments to form the PRODUCT EVALUATION REPORT and the corresponding action plan is made.
⦁ The results of each objective are sent as agreed at the beginning of the project



What should we include in our final report?
⦁ Problems and actions at each stage of the enginery sample evaluation
⦁ The final cost of the entire project
⦁ List of parts approved at each stage and their state (management of signed samples)
⦁ Checklist and approved samples
⦁ Inspection Files per Shipment
⦁ Quality Control Plan
⦁ Project summary including success factors, failure factors, risks and final solution


Parts Design


Our experienced engineers will do the part of 2D and 3D design for your company at a fraction of the price that would be paid in a “western” workshop, but with the same quality. We are professionals using the following programs:

⦁ AutoCAD
⦁ Pro-e
⦁ UG
⦁ Solid Works

You just have to give us your requirements and model-concept design; we are going you to transform them into drawings of specific pieces in 2D and 3D. We believe your design spending will be drastically reduced thanks to our professional services.

Quality Audit Report

Factory Audit Report

Social Audit Report

Inspection Report During Production

Pre-shipping Inspection Report

Container Cargo Supervision Report

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