Freight Brokers and Customs in Mexico

We know the seas and the sky as no one. In base on experience and constant innovation of our great work team, we could offer to our commercial partners the best logistic solution, accomplishing all the requirements and demands.

For assure the application of the current regulation in tax and customs matter, in Shalom Logistics we count with foreign trade experts. Our professional team coordinates customs offices, accomplishing with all needed requirements and procedures to the correct merchandise import or export.

Customs Broker

We manage all the customs procedures in all customs of Mexico. Our certified team in customs will give the needed assistance to make preventions to your external commerce operations. We count with coverage in all Customs of Mexico. We make a complete test of your import and export operations.

International Freight Transport

We deliver your products to the market that you want, on time, and in an agile fast and effective way.

We offer you the best solutions to transport your commodities, to anywhere in the world, adapting us to the features and needs of your products. The international transport service consists of several aspects of exchange of goods and services. Our experience as International Logistic Operator will handle your merchandise in the best way. The most important factor will be the negotiation between seller and buyer to reach the necessary conditions (ICOTERMS), in which the terms for logistic management will be established. Our company will give you the necessary advice so you can reduce costs, in both freight and customs.  

Let us advise you confidently. We are international transport and logistic professionals, and we offer you the safest, reliable and flexible international freight service either by air, on water, on earth.


We have wide experience in international maritime shipments of containers, consolidated cargo LCL, special equipment Open Top, Flat Racks, among others. We will make your merchandise arrive to its final destination in the best maritime transport routes. We count with FIATA Broker certification.

      • FCL/FCL Containers
      • Consolidated Cargo LCL
      • Refrigerated Containers
      • Special equipment
      • Piece goods – Break Bulk
      • Ro-Ro Service
      • Charter ship
      • Bulk Cargo


We make comprehensive analysis to design and optimize all international freight delivery procedures. Our expert team will verify all air transport routes, finding the most convenient for you, for a non-stop direct flight.

  • General Cargo per kilogram and/or cubic mettre
  • Dangerous Cargo per kilogram and/or cubic mettre
  • Cargo Charters
  • Hand – Carry
  • Refrigerated Samples

Ground transport

We make cardboard boxes services of 48’ and 53’ with border crossing. Or well if your operations are of less volume we can carry out Ground Transport in LTL consolidated service.

There are several alternatives to transport merchandise. In Shalom Logistics we offer you the service by truck, which you can include the operation of our Customs Brokers for import and export deliveries in all customs offices of Mexico.

    • Container ship platforms
    • Consolidated cargo LCL
    • LTL/FTL Equipments – Canada/USA
    • LTL/FTL Equipements – Central America
    • Refrigerated Boxes
    • Kinds of trucks

Land Transport by Rail

Large scale projects or Projects of large amount and weight, in international commerce, this kind of transport is required, so land transport by rail is one of the most convenient routes to optimize costs in logistic.

In Shalom Logistics we want to give solutions allowing you to have alternatives for optimize slots/gaps and costs translating your merchandise.

  • 50 and 60 vans/trucks
  • Gondolas
  • Trailer box
  • Bulk Hopper
  • Buck Carrier
  • Cement Hopper
  • Agricultural cart
  • Three-stage Automotive
  • Intermodal Platform

Customs Broker

We manage all the customs procedures in all customs offices of Mexico. Our certified experts in Customs will give you the needed assistance to make preventions in your operations of foreign commerce. As Customs Brokers we have coverage in all Customs of Mexico. We carry out a complete evaluation of your import and export operations.

  • Customs Management in all customs offices of Mexico
  • Definitive Imports and Exports
  • Import and Export Customs Regimes
  • Regulations and Tariff and Non-tariff Restrictions
  • Customers Authorities permissions
  • Merchandise Clasification
  • Customs Procedures

Merchandise Insurances

It avoids unnecessary risks in logistical and customs handling, as well as problems caused by lost goods or theft. In the long run, the cost paid for securing the goods and services, profits your wealth. We can assure any type of product, from generals to any sensitive, temperature-controlled product. Avoid unnecessary risks in logistic and customs management.

  • Merchandise insurance in air, maritime and land transport
  • Insurance of merchandise in national and international tax warehouses.
  • Wide coverage insurance
  • General Average Insurance
  • Refrigerated merchandise Insurance
  • Small and large claims insurance

Shalom Logistics International Team in Logistics Solutions

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